Here are a few features that are very useful that you may not have known about:


  • Easily Paste Text from MS Word in Emails. Have you ever pasted text from MS Word into an Eloqua email and had issues with how it's displayed? Instead of pasting the content from Word to Notepad and then to Eloqua, use the "Paste Plain-Text" feature in the email editor:

7-11-2011 5-43-36 PM.png

     There is also a free software that I use called "PureText" that allows you to paste text without any formatting. I have it running in the background on my computer and setup a hot key I use to

     paste all of my content when I transfer data from one application to another - very handy and works well.


  • Visitor Notifications: The ability to add a direct link to the SFDC Contact Record. This is a great feature for to help enable your sales reps. You may be using Visitor Notifications today but did you know you can easily add a link that will allow sales to jump into and go right to the Contact Record? To add this in, go to the Visitor Notification area and follow the diagram below - it's that easy.

7-8-2011 4-29-09 PM.png



  • The Email Domain field. There is a field called "email domain" (eg: that you may not find that interesting but it's something that can be quite useful. For example, if you're trying to match up contacts based on company name for lead routing purposes, the email domain is more accurate then the company name. A company can be spelled in many different ways depending on if it has an inc. or different acronyms. Companies tend to have one email domain and if they have several, you can account for this. Check out this post for more ideas on how this field can be used:

  • Quick Data Clean Up - Bulk Edit Field. While you can build out some innovative Data Washing Machines for data cleansing purposes. There are some obvious data discrepancies that would be useful to fix right away. In the example below, I've drilled down to the State/Province field and I've noticed that contacts in the database have a province of ON and Ontario. Since this is the same province and since they should all be "ON" I can go into the Ontario field and make everyone "ON" in about 2 seconds. Use this feature carefully - there is no undo button.

    7-11-2011 6-08-46 PM.png

  • Use the easy search. Eloqua allows you to easily search for assets (emails, forms etc...). This is helpful if you need to get to something quickly and don't want to navigate to a certain area. In Eloqua10 use the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner and search away. In Eloqua9, use the search box on "Eloqua Today" and change the search criteria based on what you're looking for:

7-11-2011 6-13-37 PM.png7-11-2011 6-14-50 PM.png


I hope you have found these useful. Do you have any tips you want to share? Stay tuned for more!