This is step by step guide on how to configure an existing "Auto  Synch" to perform an "All time pull" to refresh CRM data into Eloqua. It's recommended to do this from time to time - especially if you do any mass cleansing in your CRM.


Here are the scenarios that you will need to perform an "All Time Pull":

1) A new field has been added into the integration (CRM --> Eloqua)  and you need to populate all Eloqua records

2) You have made changes to data in specific fields in your CRM and need to feed this data into Eloqua


Navigation: Setup --> Integration -->  Inbound (Sub tab) --> Management (Sub Menu) --> Auto Synchs (Sub  Option).

7-15-2011 2-42-07 PM.png


Click on the Auto Synch that you wish to perform an all time pull.

7-15-2011 2-42-44 PM.png


From the Auto Synch Options menu (drop down), select  Run Auto Synch (Ignore Date Filer).

7-15-2011 2-44-16 PM.png