How do you mange email communication preferences in your Eloqua database? Eloqua provides you with an option to create an Email Subscription center that you can use to help your email recipients receive email that they are truly interested in. This post will provide information on how to set this up in E10 (it's very similar to E9).


Go to: Setup > Email Groups & Subscriptions


1. Preview the Subscription Management Page: On this page, select the Edit and Preview Page" button to review how your subscription management page looks like. From this window, you can make some minor changes to the text and styles as well as preview how the subscription page will look like. You'll choose the email groups that will appear on this page in the next step so if you don't see an email preference, don't be concerned.

11-2-2011 9-23-35 AM.png


After you have finished previewing the page, you can also select which Email Group(s) will appear on the Subscription Management Page by selecting the Email Group from the left side of the page and then checking off the checkbox as is done below. You’ll then need to provide a descriptive name that email recipients will see on the subscription page as indicated below. It's important to remember that you need to group all emails that you want to control the email preferences for into a specific Email Group that will appear in your Subscription Management page so choose carefully. In addition, this may mean that you need to change your email creation process and ensure that those who create emails, add them to the correct Email Group. Please note: you can still maintain your email foldering structure that you have setup as folders and Email Groups are separate.

11-2-2011 9-24-31 AM.png

Don't worry about the Confirmation Page options at the top of the page as they aren't needed for the Subscription Management process.


This is an example of what a completed Subscription Page looks like:

11-2-2011 9-24-48 AM.png

As a final step, adjust your email footer so you’re linking to the subscription center:


Go to Assets > Component Library > Email Footer


Per below, enter text such as Manage my email subscriptions and choose the options below that will link to the subscription page you just created.


11-2-2011 9-25-08 AM.png


Now that you're done, remember to test the process out. In addition, as mentioned above, for the Subscription Center to work and to have Eloqua automatically remove those that have unsubscribed from a particular Subscription Group, you'll need to ensure that when creating emails, they are added to a designated Email Group that is represented on the Email Subscription page. Don't fall into the trap of collecting email preferences and then not respecting them. That can lead to spam complaints which can impact your overall email deliverability as well as an increase in unsubscribes.


If you have technical questions, please contact the Eloqua Support team.


A question that often comes up is: How does the Email Subscription Center work with my nurturing campaigns? I typically recommend that you create your nurturing campaigns in one Email Group that is separate from your Email Subscription center groups. In the footer, give email recipients the option to unsubscribe from the specific nurturing campaign (Unsubscribe from the Email Group) as well as the option to Globally Unsubscribe. In this way, you have less of a chance of losing email subscribers if they're not happy with the automated nurturing path they're in and you don't need to worry about how you're nurturing emails will fit in with your email subscription groups.