When it comes to the Eloqua API, the question of how to retrieve marketing activity data comes up from time to time.


Normally, Eloqua is set up to send activity data to an external CRM system, for example, Salesforce.  But what if you want to use a custom system not included “out-of-the-box” with Eloqua? This is where the Processed Activity Queue (PAQ) comes in.

In order to retrieve the activity data, the PAQ will first need to be enabled in the Eloqua instance.  To do this, a support case will need to be created.

Once the PAQ is enabled for the install, activity data will begin being collected by the system going forward.  The data is not retroactive, and the system stores up to 45 days worth before being purged.


Using the Eloqua API, the data can now be retrieved by a custom application, and loaded into an external CRM system.

If CRM integration is already configured for an Eloqua instance, the PAQ can still be enabled, but extra configuration will be required.  Please contact your CSM for details.