Apps – Apps are tightly integrated widgets that extend the functionality of Eloqua. They include things like being able to display 3rd party content, integrating with other system, manipulating data or whatever else our community decides. Many apps are developed by Eloqua partners, third parties or even our clients. Clients can install unlimited apps. The only restriction is the number of API calls per day that can be used, which varies by client, but should be stated in their contract.

– The AppCloud is a centralized market of Apps available to Eloqua clients. It houses apps that are developed by Eloqua Labs, as well as third parties and partners. It is available at

– CloudConnectors extend the functionality of Eloqua program builder. When enabled, a CloudConnector is executed from a step within Program Builder. When a record hits that step, it is grabbed by the CloudConnector, where it either modifies the record in Eloqua (such as a data append) OR triggers an action in a separate system (such as registering for an event).

- A CloudFeeder pulls in data from an external source, and automatically feeds it into a group in Eloqua. This can be used to append data (such as getting a records Klout score) OR to group records (such as webinar attendees)


CloudComponent – A CloudComponent extends the functionality of Eloqua Landing Pages in E10. It pulls content or logic from 3rd parties, and displays it on a landing page, such as Twitter Feeds or Facebook Single Sign On
– Apps are designed to run outside of the Eloqua application. Some apps, such as the Name Analyzer or the Math Functions are designed by our Eloqua Labs. These apps are hosted at It requires a separate login to Eloqua, but it is free to access.