Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please review the App Replacement Cheatsheet for instructions


Cvent Cloud Feeder


This article will describe how to install and use the Cvent Cloud Component. This document assumes the reader knows how to use Eloqua Contacts and Contact Groups.

In order to use the Cvent Component, you will need to have a valid Cvent account with API access. You will also need to register at

What is the difference between


Cvent Components


The Cvent Component consists of the following Cloud Component

  • Cvent Event Registration – allows Eloqua to know when a person registers for an event with Cvent, and adds them to Contact group. From there they can be used to feed marketing automation programs, for analysis or sent follow on communications.

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How to Install the Feeder


To get started, go to Feeder > Cvent Registrant Feeder within  Feeders do not require a Program Builder step
as they just run on their own and feed data directly into the Eloqua system.




Next you’ll be asked to create a new Cvent Registrant Feeder step, add your Eloqua credentials and specify the details of how often you would like the Feeder to run.




On the next screen, you will be asked to enter your Cvent account details. Note – this MUST be an API enabled account.  Contact Cvent if you do not have an API enabled account.




With your API enabled account specified, save to refresh the list of available events from Cvent and select the event you wish to pull data into Eloqua for. Specify whether you would like to save the attendance information within the contact record or a custom data object; and select a Contact Group to place the retrieved contacts into.



Next, elect the Field Mappings tab and specify the contact fields or custom data fields you wish to use to store the information from Cvent.


You can now select the Run tab to test run your Cvent Feeder. If you now open Eloqua and navigate to the Contact group you chose to store your Cvent registrants in you will be able to see all the people who registered for, and/or attended your specified event.




If you are happy with the results being imported to your contact group, you can now have this feeder to run automatically on the schedule you originally indicated; by going to the Credentials tab and selecting Enable Step. This will run a check of the credentials and configuration you have specified, if everything has been set correctly, the feeder will be enabled to run automatically.




With this automated connection set up, you will now receive regularly schedule updates to your contact group and be able to know what is happening with your Cvent event registrations.