Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please install the replacement app.

Citrix GoToWebinar App

This article will describe the individual pieces of the Citrix GoToWebinar App, how to install it and it will outline a sample program. This document assumes the reader knows how to use Eloqua Program Builder, Eloqua Emails and Eloqua forms.

In order to use the Citrix GoToWebinar App, you will need to have a valid Citrix GoToWebinar account with API access. You will also need to register at

What is the difference between and

Citrix GoToWebinar App Components

The Citrix GoToWebinar App is made up of the following Connectors:

  • Citrix GoToWebinar Register Attendee - allows you to register a contact to attend an Citrix GoToWebinar event.
  • Citrix GoToWebinar Query Attendance - allows you to determine whether a contact actually attended a Citrix GoToWebinar event.
  • Citrix GoToWebinar All Viewers Query - allows you to pull into an Eloqua group all the people who attended an Citrix GoToWebinar event.


The first 2 are Cloud Connectors, which are used in Program Builder. The last is a Cloud Feeder, which automatically pulls records into a group in Eloqua

ARTICLE – What is the difference between an App, a Connector, a Component and a Feeder

How to Install an App

To install the Citrix GoToWebinar App, visit this page:

Click on the green “Get App” button in the top right corner:


Installing Connectors:
A new screen will open. Click on the “Add Connector”:


If you are not logged into Eloqua, you will be prompted to login. It’s recommended that you click the “remember me” button. After logging in, you will see a screen similar to this:

GoToWebinar Connector Management.jpg

The bottom portion of the screen shows any connectors that are currently installed. The top portion is where the connector is actually installed. Click the “Add” button. If you receive an error similar to this, it means the Connector had been installed previously:


If you receive a confirmation similar to this, the App connector has successfully been installed:


Repeat this for any other Connector you would like to install.

Installing a Cloud Feeder

Cloud Feeders have a different installation then Cloud Connectors.

NOTE - Before the Cloud Feeder can be installed, the event needs to be configured within Citrix GoToWebinar. 

Create a user in your Eloqua install. This user is the one used to push data in through the feeder. It doesn’t need to be dedicated to one feeder, but it should be a user dedicated to API access. For more information about setting up a user, please search the knowledge base of the article titled "Eloqua-Setup"

Ensure the user is added to the “API Users” security group to ensure it has API access. As well, remember the username and password for the user, because you will need it for the next step.

Create a contact group in Eloqua to store the Contacts. For more information about creating a contact group, please search the knowledge base for an article named "Database Management".

If you would like to store the Start Time and the Minutes Attended, create those fields in Eloqua now. For more information about creating a contact fields, please search the knowledge base for an article named "Database Management".

To install the Citrix GoToWebinar feeder, go to the following URL:

Click on the “New Step” button.  You will be brought to a screen like this:


Fill it out with the user credentials you created in the previous step.

You will be brought to the following screen:


Input the information collected from Citrix GoToWebinar earlier. Select the contact group created earlier.

Once everything is configured, you will need to enable the feeder. In order to do that, click on the “Credentials” tab within and select “Enable Step”:


This feeder will populate the contact group with registrants from the selected webinars. In order to feed the program you must then setup a feeder using the same contact group selected in the above steps in order to add contacts to the program.

Using the Connectors in Program Builder

Each connector executes as an action in a step in Program Builder. Once a contact hits that step, the Connector grabs that contact, and processes it based on the logic defined in the Connector. When it’s done, the Connector changes the status of the contact in the program, and the contact continues on its way.

To use the Connector in Program Builder, do the following:

Create a step in the program where you want the step to execute

Set the action of the step to: “Cloud Connector”

You will be provided with a list of Cloud Connectors that have been created. Select the correct one from the list:


Click on the “Configure Button”. This will bring up a configuration window from (you may need to login to


Once you are logged in, you will need to input configure the step for the webinar required. Note after entering the user details for Citrix GoToWebinar you can click Save Settings to connect and populate the Webinar Listing below:


On the configuration and field mapping screen, you will have slightly different options for each CloudConnector. They are as follows:

Configuration Tab

Register AttendeeQuery AttendeeDescription
DescriptionYYDescription of Event
Citrix GoToWebinar UserYYFrom Citrix GoToWebinar
Citrix GoToWebinarYFrom Citrix GoToWebinar
Select WebinarsYWebinars that occurred in the past or will occur in the future (determines what webinars are displayed in the Citrix GoToWebinar Field)
Store Meeting Advanced DataYDo you want to store data on the Contact or in a custom object? If you run many events, you want to store in a Custom Object


Register AttendeeQuery Attendee
Email AddressYY
First NameY
Last NameY
Join Meeting URLY
Meeting ID
Minutes AttendedY


Once everything is configured, you will need to enable the connector. In order to do that, click on the “Credentials” tab within and select “Enable Step”.