Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please install the replacement app.

What is Social Suite?

Eloqua Social Suite is a set of social apps integrated seamlessly into the Eloqua marketing automation platform.  This new feature allows B2B marketers to consider an entirely new dimension – the
individual’s social persona – when capturing, tracking and scoring leads. This document assumes the reader has knowledge of E10 landing pages, Eloqua forms and Eloqua Program Builder. In order to use the applications listed in this document, you will need to have valid accounts.  You will also need to register at

What is the difference between and


Social Suite Components

This Section will be covering the LinkedIn, YouTube and Google social suite cloud components


  • LinkedIn Share
  • LinkedIn Social Sign-On
  • YouTube Embed
  • Google Social Graph

The first 3 items are Cloud Components used on landing pages and the last is a Cloud Connector used in Program Builder.

ARTICLE – What is the difference between an App, a Connector, a Component and a Feeder


LinkedIn Share


LinkedIn Share allows users to share content with their network on LinkedIn. To begin navigate to your landing page, from your left hand toolbar select the Cloud Components item; this will pop you up a box of all available Cloud Components that are available to add to your page.


From the Cloud Components list select LinkedIn Share and drag this to where you would like it to be on your landing page.



To set up the details for your LinkedIn account you would like to show double click on the component you just placed on the page. You will be asked to log into your Eloqua Cloud Connector account and brought to a page to fill out the details of the page you wish to allow visitors to share with their LinkedIn network. You will want to define the URL to share as the URL of the landing page that you are creating. You are also able to define if you would like the number of shares count above, to the right of the share button or no count at all.


Save your settings and you will now have the active LinkedIn Share button for your page; when a visitor clicks on this button they will be asked to login to their LinkedIn account and the site will be shared with their network. The count above the button will also increment each time the page is shared.




LinkedIn Social Sign-On


Prompt visitors to sign on with their LinkedIn account to access your marketing asset(s).  You can also request additional information such as email address, and then specify the Eloqua form to submit the data once captured.

To begin navigate to your landing page you wish to add LinkedIn Social Sign-On to, from the lefthand toolbar select the Cloud Components, find LinkedIn SignOn and drag it onto your page.


Once the component is placed on your page, double click to configure the settings.


Select go and you will be brought to a new page, where you can define the look and function of the LinkedIn Sign-On app, from here you can select the Form you wish the visitor to fill out and the fields required to access you marketing asset from the page.


Save the settings, you can now navigate back to your landing page, if you select the LinkedIn Sign-On button you previously added you will be brought to a page asking to grant Eloqua access to your LinkedIn account.


Once you login you will be brought to the form you defined earlier in the setup where you asked for the email address to access the marketing asset.




YouTube Embed


Using the Youtube Video Cloud Component you are able to Search for, preview and Embed YouTube videos directly in your landing pages.  To start, again select the Cloud Components from the left hand toolbar, and drag and drop the YouTube Video component onto your page.


Now that we have the component on the page you can double click to find the video you wish to have on your landing page. You can search to find the video you wish to embed or paste the direct URL; you can also specify the size, autoplay and loop options for the video.


Save the settings and you will now have the video embedded in your landing page as specified.



Google Social Graph


The Google Social Graph app allows you to find publicly known other identities of an individual on social media properties such as twitter or LinkedIn. From here you can select the Get App button to begin installing the component.


This will bring you to the installation page for the cloud connector, select Add Connector to install this Component to your Eloqua Install.


If the component is added successfully you will receive a confirmation pop-up, similar to the following.


We are now able to use this Cloud Connector as a action step within the Program builder. To use this, create a new step within your program, select Cloud Connector as the Action type, and then Google Social Graph as your step parameter.


You will also need to configure the parameters to use for the connector, do this by selecting Configure next to the name of the chosen Cloud Connector.


You will then be able to set up the configuration of the Google Social Graph component. Here you should define which parameter you wish to search by to find other public identities of your contacts; you are able to use Email, twitter handle, LinkedIn, Facebook etc

Save your settings and then move onto the Field Mappings Tab. Initially, set which field holds the Email Address and then which identity you wish to search on (as defined in the previous Configuration tab). Then set your fields you wish to hold the ID’s of any identities that are returned from the Google Social Graph search.


Next, you are able to test the Connector via the Run Step tab. Here you are able to view members at each phase of the step


You can run this connector and the Google Social Graph will pull any social identities that match the email address(s) provided and will store this in the defined fields within the Contacts details.