We all know how important it is to integrate social media into our campaigns – that’s no secret. To be relevant you need to be able to provide social validation to your prospects and this comes from knowing that their friends and peers like what you’re about. And who’s the biggest, baddest social validator of them all? Why Facebook of course! Which is why Eloqua has made it impossibly easy to embed the Facebook Friend Display App in your landing page as part of E10. What does this mean for you? It means that when a prospect lands on your page they will instantly be able to see which of their friends “likes” your site. Check it out!


Is It Really This Easy You Say? Yep!


1.     On your landing page, select the “Cloud Components” icon.


Image 1.png


2.     Drag the “Friend Display” component onto your page…

Image 2.png



Image 3.png


3.     …and double click it to configure it. Here is where you can control how big it is, etc. It is also where you want to add in the URL of the page you are promoting.


Image 4.png


4.    Select Save Settings and close the configuration window. You’ll then be back on the landing page editor where you can preview the landing page to see the component in action. Ta-da!


Image 5.png

5.     But wait! Something perhaps too obvious to mention. If none of your prospect’s friends likes your page, there won’t be any pictures, however - the total number of users who have liked your page will appear.