When it comes to Cloud Connectors, one question that I am often asked, is weather or not they can be used with E10.  The answer to this question of course is yes, they can!


Using a Feeder, since it is hosted outside of Eloqua, requires no configuration from inside of Eloqua itself.  You simply visit the site where the app is hosted, configure it, and it feeds contacts into Eloqua regardless of the version. 


But what about Program Builder, wasn't that just for E9?  While it is true that step based Cloud Connectors are currently available only through Program Builder, that doesn't mean that they are just for E9.  Program Builder is in fact still available in E10!  Look for the Program Builder icon under Database in the Setup menu.


When configuring a connector for use with E10, one thing to keep in mind is that names and locations of certain features differ between versions.  For example, a Contact Group is now called a Contact List in E10, and Custom Data Objects (aka DataCards) are found under the Contacts menu, and are called Custom Objects.