*NOTE* - On April 11th, 2014, LinkedIn made a change to their API. Please read about it here. This post has been updated to reflect those changes.


Social Sign On is a really interesting tool. It allows people to sign in to view your content using systems that they are familiar with.

Eloqua currently offers Social Sign On to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook via our Cloud Components.

When you use a Single Sign On, you are pushing the web viewer to a login page hosted by the provider, where the web viewer is giving the provider (Twitter, Facebook, LInkedin) permission to share their information with a third party. In order to do this, the third party needs to have a connection with the provider. Eloqua has set up a connection with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but it is branded as an "Eloqua" page. Clients can set up their own custom applications, which are branded as the client.

For example, the twitter page looks like this:

twitter SSO.jpg

I have underlined in red the piece that can be branded as your company.


In order to set this up, please follow these steps:

1 - In the "Cloud Connector" set up page, under "App to Use" select "Define a Custom App"

2 - Click on the "Get App ID". This will send you to the correct page for each provider. You will need to login using your credentials for Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook

twitter custom app.jpg


Each provider is different, and they have been broken up below:



The URL for Twitter is the following:

Login using your Twitter credentials, and click "Create a new application"


The following fields are required:

  • Name - This is the name that will appear on the login screen that visitors see. It is recommended to use the name of your organization here
  • Description - This is not displayed to visitors
  • WebSite - Place the URL of your company here. It is not displayed to visitors
  • Calback URL - Place the following URL:


Once you have clicked "Create your Twitter Application", it is recommended to click on the"Settings" tab, and select a new icon for the app, preferable your company logo.
Copy the "Consumer Key" and the"Consumer Secret". These will need to be placed in the configuration area for the app within cloudconnectors.eloqua.com



The URL for LinkedIn is the following:


Log in using your LinkedIn credentials, and click "Add New Application"


The following fields are required:

  • Company Name - This name is not displayed to visitors
  • Application Name - This name is displayed to visitors
  • Description - This value is not displayed to visitors
  • Application Type - Set this to"Web Application"
  • Application Use - Set this to "Other"
  • Live Status - Set this to "Live"
  • Developer Contact Email - Place your email address
  • Phone - Place your phone number
  • Default Scope - Select "r_basicprofile"
  • OAuth 1.0 Redirect URL - Set to the following:
  • OAuth 2.0 Redirect URL - Set to the following:


  • Agreement Language: Set this to the appropriate language

It is recommended that you place a URL to your company logo. The URL should be 80 x 80. You can upload the image into Eloqua.

Copy the "API Key" and "Secret Key". These will need to be placed in the configuration area for the app within cloudconnectors.eloqua.com