A recent Forrester study indicated that only 8% of the email recipients surveyed agreed that the email they they receive is relevant. In the same survey, 77% of these same email recipients indicated that they want to control the type of email that they receive.

What does this mean to you as a marketer? It means that if you want email to be a successful marketing channel the days of “spray and pray” are over. You need to focus on sending relevant, personalized  communication to your opted-in database. Subscription management allows email recipients to establish a respectful and trustworthy relationship with you. This can decrease global unsubscribes, improve communication effectiveness and increase customer loyalty. The overall benefits lead to improved overall campaign results and ultimately increased revenue for the company as email should be part of your ongoing lead generation and retention efforts.



Keep these items in mind when thinking about building an email subscription / preference center:

  • Just having a global opt-out is too restrictive and may result in a higher opt-out rate
  • Email recipients want increased flexibility and control into what communications they want to receive
  • Allowing more granular subscription options to email recipients will allow you to better segment your communication resulting in higher response rates

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