+ Visitor Web Data Lookup (from Cookie)

+ Contact/Prospect/Company/Datacard Web Data Lookup (from Email Address)

+ Form Checkbox Prepopulation

+ Standard Text Input Prepopulation


The link below points to a Test Form.  Filling out this form and submitting will update your Contact Record.  A cookie placed in your browser will store a unique identifier that will be used the next time you visit this form.  The scripts on this page will pull your Email Address from your Visitor Record and trigger another Lookup. This next Lookup will use your Email Address to pull the values currently stored on your Eloqua Contact Record and Populate the Form Fields.  Checkboxes will also automatically be populated when the value returned is either true, 1, on, yes, y, or checked (this can be modified in the code).


The functional example can be found here:  http://mediarolls.com/DLPrepop/DLPrepop.html *



* The Custom HTML and Javascript in the link above are a Functional Example/Demonstration Only and are not officially supported by Eloqua.

Eloqua is not responsible for troubleshooting issues with this code.