There are times when you just need to send an email blast to a list regardless if they’ve unsubscribed before.  In Eloqua, it’s a default rule that the system will not send any email to Global Unsubscribes or group level unsubscribes.  However, there are those one-off times that you just need to send the email out anyway. There is the option of using Quicksends but this you’ll have to do this individually to every “unsendable” contact which gets tedious if you have lots of them.  So, what we’re looking for is an automated way of temporarily overriding the Unsubscribe status of a contact – send them an email – then reset their status back to what it originally was.


What you’ll need:

  1. A shared list or contact group that includes “unsendable” contacts
  2. An email to send out
  3. 2 Filters – one that looks for global unsubscribes and another that looks for email group unsubscribes (for the email group of the email to send out)
  4. A program to do the job.


What to do:


  1. Build this Program
  2. Feed your shared list / contact group into step 100
  3. Activate your program in standard mode.



MikeGarcia’s Chocolate Factory … probably not the best practices – but good enough!