I'm not sure if anyone else experiences this problem, but I tend to see it all of the time when I map new fields between Eloqua & Salesforce. The field that is mapped come through in Salesforce with HTML code surrounding it. In my example here, I integrated a task and the type field comes through as <SPAN name=externalFieldsRow id=external. If you experience this problem, follow these simple steps to correct it.


task type with html.jpg


1. Go to the Field Mapping in the Integration area for the field you need to fix.

2. Delete everything in the Field Expression area for that field.


Step 2.jpg

3. Save the mapping.

4. Right-click in the Field Expression area for the field and choose Select All. Then choose Delete.

step 4.jpg

5. Save the mapping.

6. Now go back in and re-map or re-enter the Field Expression for the field and save the mapping.

7. Test the task and ensure that the HTML code has been removed. You may have to repeat steps 1-6 again if it still shows up.


I hope this helps anyone who is also struggling with this problem.