Sometimes when working in the Eloqua application, you will need need to know the Database ID of a Shared Contact List that you wish to work with. This may be for a form processing step, or perhaps your developer is requesting the ID so he can work with the group over the API. Unfortunately, within the application itself, the ID of these shared lists are not easily exposed. The below guide will show you the fastest way to get the ID without the use of any external tools (Such as HTTP traffic sniffer, which can also provide the ID's if you know how to read the reports).


1) You will need to create a program within the Program Builder area:




2) Once in the Program Builder area, click on the Program Builder button in the top bar, and select Create New Program:




3) Give your program a name, and then click "Save" in the bottom right. Once the program is saved, click the newly available Edit Program Flow button:




4) Click the button on the program canvas to begin adding the first step:




5) You will need to provide a name for the step, and a default member type (ensure you choose Contacts so you are able to access the correct program steps). Click Save and Continue once finished with this screen:




6) Choose the step action "Add Contacts to a Contact Group" (Contact Groups and Shared Lists are the same entity within Eloqua, with different names being used depending on which area of the application you are in), and then click in the empty Contact Group box to start your search:




7) Use the search box to find your Shared List/Contact Group, and then click on it in the results area to select it. Once it has been selected, click on the "Selected" area to open the details for this group (The background of the Selected Contact Group area will turn blue when you hover over it, indicating it can be clicked):




8) the Contacts in Contact Group report will load, and from the Address Bar in this window you will be able to find the ID of your List. In this example, my ID is 57:





And thats it! You know have the Database ID for your Shared List, and can use this in your forms or over the API to access this particular shared list. It may be a good idea to leave the program in your database, as if you need to get additional ID's at some point in the future you can just reuse this program, and simply change the contact group that is selected. That way, you would only need to repeat steps 7 and 8 to get additional ID's, rather than having to repeat the entire process.