This afternoon, we have noticed a malware infection attack being sent to some of our employees. This has also been sent to employees at other ESPs. Hackers are sending these fake emails in hopes of ensuring those employees will click on the links thus infecting their machines with malware. The malware in question is the same stuff used in the attacks against ESPs and their clients these past 18 months. The malware allows the hackers to steal login credentials whether banking or ESP application based. While our employees have already been notified and no infections have taken place at Eloqua, we would like to ensure that you are all aware of this issue in case it is also being sent to your own networks.

Below is a portion of what the email looks like.


If you have received one of these emails, do not click on the links and immediately delete it. If you have clicked one of the links, contact your IT team immediately to have your machine scanned and cleaned. Also, if you have clicked the links please ensure that you do not log into any accounts, work or personal until your machine has been cleaned.