How does Data Priority Work?

  • Data Priority in Eloqua can be shared by multiple Data Sources, ie. Get CRM Contacts and Get Deleted CRM Contacts will have the same data priority.
  • Data Priority determines whether Eloqua will update fields based on the priority of the data source as compared to other data sources.


Data Priority Types

  • CRM Imports, List Uploads
    • CRM data is considered your GOLD standard and is given the highest priority. CRM Contacts are given higher priority than CRM Leads.
    • List uploads that come from events, seminars or third parties are typically of lower quality and have a lower priority.
    • The data priority system will not allow data of a lower level to overwrite data from a higher level on a per-field basis.
    • A field will be updated if it is blank as no priority exists.
  • Forms
    • Data priority is controlled independently in the form update rule.
    • Updating fields from a form is controlled on a field-by-field basis.
  • Manual Edits, Update Rules, API
    • Field values can be modified regardless of the data source.


What is the data priority of a MANUAL contact edit?

If I manually edit a contact record, will that data be overwritten by a CRM auto-synch?

  • If a field value is changed by a form submit, manual edit, update rule or API, then no priority is assigned, and it can be overwritten by any upload, regardless of upload priority.


Where can I see my Data Priority Order?

  • Eloqua Customer Administrators, navigate to Setup -> Integration. Click the Inbound tab.
  • From the Management sub-menu, select Data Priority Order.


What should my Data Priority Order look like?

  • Our recommended best practice is to have your Data Import Priorities set with the CRM priorities higher than those used for list uploads. Your Data Import Priorities should look like this, with other priorities used for list uploads below:

     data import priorities.jpg

How do I change the Data Priority for a Data Source?

  • Eloqua Customer Administrators, navigate to Setup -> Integration. Click the Inbound tab.
  • In the left pane, expand the Contacts folder to view the list of Data Sources.
  • Click on the name of the Data Source in the left pane. The details will open on the right. You can then change the Priority by choosing from the list.

     data source.jpg

What are the recommended Data Priorities for the CRM Integration Data Sources?

Data Source

Data Priority

Get Accounts

Get CRM Accounts

Get Deleted Accounts

Get CRM Accounts

Get Contacts

Get CRM Contacts

Get Deleted Contacts

Get CRM Contacts

Get Leads

Get CRM Leads

Get Deleted Leads

Get CRM Leads

Get Converted Leads

Get CRM Leads