You may have seen the initial blog post on this topic some time ago - Announcing AutomatedMarketing -- Eloqua's home on - and today I have revamped the 'sidebar' for /r/AutomatedMarketing and added a quick link content library!


This means /r/AutomatedMarketing is not only your place for current news about Eloqua, marketing automation, and online best-practices, but it now also includes an index of hot topics i.e. a fast growing content library organized around popular search terms.


Need to find a large number of resources on a tricky topic? Click one of the links below to rapidly find all Eloqua-produced and Eloqua-related items on your topic of choice. It's great!

Q: I can find web pages anywhere, what's the advantage?

A: /r/AutomatedMarketing is a curated roundup of links created by Eloquans and pages read by Eloquans. It includes not only content and material but instances where Eloqua's subject matter experts are talking about these vital issues all over the internet. Have a peek at the Joe Chernov, Joe Payne, or Dennis Dayman links below to quickly find their thoughts published all around the web.


Personally, I make use of /r/AutomatedMarketing as an index of online resources and find myself referencing it over and over again in my work activities to quickly call up the necessary information to assist clients and colleagues. I would invite you to try the same. Happy clicking!



Missed a topic? Let me know and I'll be sure to add it to the list!


AutomatedMarketing is approaching 100 subscribers, I'd love to see you help break the century mark. Also, Reddit allows sub-reddits to implement custom CSS styling to make each sub-reddit unique (example:


Are you proficient at CSS? Want to pitch-in and help /r/AutomatedMarketing? Then please compose a standards-compliant CSS file to make AutomatedMarketing look snazzy and PM EloquaEmployee with a link to the source. I'll test it, and if approved, I'll see that your efforts are rewarded with an Eloqua-related prize!