The subject line is one of two factors that cause an opening of an Email (the other is the From Name). So it’s 50% of a gate that determines whether your message will be read or not.  That being said, it is always best to optimize the subject line with compelling one-liners.  However, there are some email clients that do not only display the subject line in the inbox but also the first line of text in the email.  A good example is Gmail.


5-25-2012 12-35-21 PM.jpg


As you can see, the text displayed in the inbox includes the first line of text in the email.  Since most emails coming out of Eloqua have a header for the online version of the email, it is this text that's showing up beside the subject.  I think it's a wasted opportunity to have it say "View Online Version" instead of some snazzy catch phrase that could potentially increase your open rate.  The good news is, you can control that part of the email.  Here are your options:


1.  Use a blank header and maximize the subject line.

2.  Change the header text.. instead of just saying, "View Online Version", start with something catchy.

3.  Tailor the header to the subject line, you can actually use the header as a continuation of the subject line

4.  Personalize the header text - you can use field merges to grab the user's attention from the inbox..


These are just some suggestions, and I'm pretty sure you all can come up with better ideas.



MikeGarcia’s Chocolate Factory … probably not the best practices – but good enough!