Congratulations, your automated integration between CRM and Eloqua is up and running! Though you can be confident that your automated integration is reliable, you should configure a few Error Notifications for peace of mind.


Let's start with the basics...


Click Setup --> Integration --> then click the Configuration Tab on the upper left hand corner of your screen. Once in the Configuration area, select Manage Error Notifications and you'll arrive at the Integration Error Notifications area.

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 12.19.38 PM.png

Since we are working on Error Notifications for your integration, the Email Address you enter here should be for your Eloqua Admin - the person who understands and manages your Integration.


You can adjust the frequency of these notifications by selecting a time frame from the Send Notification Email drop down menu. Since these are Error Notifications and will most likely require timely attention, a time frame of Every Day or even less would be appropriate.


If one, or more, of your Auto Syncs are disabled for whatever reason, a check in the Send Disabled Auto Sync Notification box will mean that the Email Address entered will receive notification of this fact at the frequency you've selected. The same goes for Send Disabled Internal/External Queue Notifications.


Chances are that you'll want a little bit more information from Eloqua, beyond this basic configuration. So, let's focus our attention on the lower half of the Integration Error Notifications area and add some specific Error Notifications.

Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 12.27.05 PM.png

Eloqua uses External Calls to communicate with CRM. In this area, you configure additional Error Notifications by selecting a particular External Call from the External Calls menu and an Error from the Error drop down menu. Here's the complete list of External Calls and Errors.


External Calls

Associate Contact with Campaign

API is Currently Disabled
Associate Lead with Campaign
Cannot insert/update/activate entity
Campaign Association - Contact
Cannot reparent record
Campaign Association - Lead
Cannot update converted lead
Create Campaign
Create Lead
CRM Login Error
Create Task: Data Card Activity - Contact
Dependency exists
Create Task: Data Card Activity - Lead
Duplicate value
Create Task: Direct Mail Send - Contact
Entity is archived
Create Task: Direct Mail Send - Lead
Entity is deleted
Create Task: Email Bounceback - Contact
Entity is locked
Create Task: Email Bounceback - Lead
Exceeded quota
Create Task: Email Click Through - Contact
Field integrity exception
Create Task: Email Click Through - Lead
Functionality not enabled
Create Task: Email Open - Contact
Inactive owner or user
Create Task: Email Open - Lead
Insufficient access
Create Task: Email Send - Contact
Insufficient account on cross reference entity
Create Task: Email Send - Lead
Insufficient access or readonly
Create Task: Subscribe - Contact
Invalid cross reference key
Create Task: Subscribe - Lead
Invalid cross reference type for field
Create Task: Unsubscribe - Contact
Invalid email address
Create Task: Unsubscribe - Lead
Invalid field
Create Task: Fax Send - Contact
Invalid field for insert update
Create Task: Fax Send - Lead
Invalid ID field
Create Task: Form Submit - Contact
Invalid or null for restricted picklist
Create Task: Form Submit - Lead
Invalid session ID
Create Task: Hypersite Visit - Contact
Invalid SOAP header
Create Task: Hypersite Visit - Lead
Invalid status
Create Task: Outlook Email Open - Contact
Invalid type
Create Task: Outlook Email Open - Lead
Invalid type for operation
Create Task: Outlook Email Receive - Contact
Invalid type on field in record
Create Task: Outlook Email Receive - Lead
Limit exceeded
Create Task: Outlook Email Send - Contact
Malformed ID
Create Task: Outlook Email Send - Lead
argument Create Task: Program Note - Contact
Number outside valid range
Create Task: Program Note - Lead
Required field missing
Create Task: Responded to Chat Invite - Contact
Storage limit exceeded
Create Task: Responded to Chat Invite - Lead
String too long
Create Task: Sales Email Open - Contact
Unknown exception
Create Task: Sales Email Open - Lead

Create Task: Sales Email Send - Contact

Create Task: Sales Email Send - Lead

Create Task: Website Visit - Contact

Create Task: Website Visit - Lead

Get Accounts

Get Campaigns

Get Contacts

Get Converted Leads

Get Deleted Accounts

Get Deleted Contacts

Get Deleted Leads

Get Leads

Get Opportunities

Get Opportunities & Link to Contacts

Update Campaign

Update Contact

Update Contact Subscribe

Update Contact Unsubscribe

Update Lead

Update Lead Subscribe

Update Lead Unsubscribe



Thats 2,480 possible Error Notifications! In case this is a tad overwhelming, here are some recommended Error Notifications to get you started.


  • External Call: (All) Error: CRM Login Error
  • External Call: Create Lead Error: (All)
  • External Call: Update Lead Error: (All)
  • External Call: Update Contact Error: (All)
  • External Call: Associate Contact with Campaign Error: (All)
  • External Call: Associate Lead with Campaign Error: (All)


If you have Closed-Loop Reporting set up, then add the following errors:

  • External Call: Create Campaign Error: (All)
  • External Call: Update Campaign Error: (All)


Everything we've talked about to this point relates to Eloqua pushing information into CRM. But, that's just one half of your integration - Eloqua also pulls information from your CRM via Auto Syncs. Though you may have checked the box for Send Disabled Auto Sync Notification in the Integration Error Notification area, you can go a step further by configuring each Auto Sync to send a Notification email.


To do this, click Setup --> Integration --> then click the Inbound tab on the upper left hand corner of your screen. Within the Inbound Tab, select Auto Syncs from the Management drop down menu and you'll see a list of your Auto Syncs.


Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 1.31.08 PM.png

Click on any of the Auto Syncs listed to see its details. Click Edit next to the Auto Sync Details header.


Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 1.35.32 PM.png

And enter the appropriate email address within the Email field. Rinse and repeat for other Auto Syncs.