It has been asked a lot of times.  "How do I know that my emails went out?"


On the campaign canvas, it does not automatically show if an email went out.  Moreover, email batch notifications no longer exist.  So now, how exactly does one verify that an email went out from a campaign?


Here are a few ways..


1. Check campaign canvas remaining number on email step are exclusions, the rest automatically flow out of the campaign.

2. Check operational reports of the email.. open the email and view operational reports under the cog button .. this reports email activity for the last 24 hours

3. Check Email Batch control (under setup) .. shows successes and failures of a batch.

4. Check Insight Reports -- this report lags behind the operational reports so give it some time, if after 6 hours there's still nothing, then there's a problem.

5. Check email history of a contact on the list.


Finally, the simplest way to design a campaign that will show you if contacts have moved from the email step due to the action being completed on them is to add a wait step after the email step.  The wait step can be for as long as you want but remember that after the last action on the campaign has been performed on the contacts, they will move out of the campaign.  So, if you add a wait step after an email step, you'll see the number bubble on the wait step, those are the contacts that got sent the email and will wait until the time you specify and move out of the campaign.



MikeGarcia’s Chocolate Factory … probably not the best practices – but good enough!