This post answers frequently asked questions regading Social Sign On (in no particular order):


What is Social Sign On?

Social Sign on allows Eloqua E10 clients an easy way to let visitors to their website "log in" via social networks, to access content or register for an event. Any time you use a form, you can use Social Sign on



Which 3rd parties is Social Sign On currently offered for?

Eloqua currently offers Social Sign On for the big 3, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn



What are the main differences between each provider?

Facebook embeds the form right on the page. For Twitter and LinkedIn, you will be sent to a page hosted by that service, to login. Each service returns different fields



What fields are returned?

To see a list of fields returned, please see the following article:
Social Sign On Fields Returned



The field I need is not in their, can I add custom fields?

Yes, custom fields can be added. For Facebook, it will be embedded right on the page. For Twitter and LinkedIn, a form will appear with the custom fields directly after the sign on



How do I tie this to a contact?

Facebook returns an email address, but LinkedIn and Twitter do not. You can add email as a custom field, and a contact will be created or updated with the mapped information. IF you do not ask for email, a contact will still be created with a place holder email, such as ""



How much does it cost?

It's free for any user of E10


Great, how do I get started?

See the installation guide that is available here: Social Sign On - Installation Guide








What about signing on via XYZ?

Well, that's a great idea! Our partners are constantly building out new integrations. If you want, you can log an "Idea'" through our support portal.



Please post other questions you might have in the comments. I will update the body of this post with questions as they are received.