Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please install the replacement app.


Static HTML App


This article describes the Static HTML ap, how to enable it in your Eloqua instance, and how to place and configure it on an E10 landing page. This document assumes that the reader is an E10 user, and is familiar with using landing pages.


In order to use the Static HTML app, you will need to be registered at


What is the difference between and


What is the Static HTML App?

Many web services allow you to embed their service onto your page, by allowing you to paste in a snippet of HTML code. This is often used for Youtube videos, embedded maps and other web services. The Static HTML app allows you to leverage all of the power of Eloqua's landing page editor, as well as allowing you to easily embed content from other sources.


Static HTML App Components

The Static HTML app consists of a single Cloud Component


How to Install the Cloud App


The Cloud App is already available for use in E10, but may need to be enabled.  See The specified item was not found.for more information.


Using the Components on a Landing Page


A Cloud Component is inserted into a landing page via drag and drop within the landing page editor.


From the editor toolbar, select the "Cloud Components" button.  A select box containing all of the available Cloud Components will then be displayed.




Drag and Drop the Static Content component onto the landing page:






Next, save the page, then double-click the component that you just dropped onto the page.  The following screen will appear:




Enter your credentials and click Log in.


The following screen will appear:



Place the HTML into the "Content" section, and click "Save Settings"


Close out the "Static Content Setup" window, and save the Eloqua Landing page.


View the landing page on the live URL to see the content. The content WILL NOT render within the editor, you must view the content on the live page.



What use cases have you used the Static HTML app for? Leave a note in the comments!