I often find that I need to test multiple Eloqua forms within a short window of time, or I want to test one form using multiple submission data variations back-to-back to make sure the form processing logic I've created works correctly.  Of course to do this quickly, I often need 10 different email addresses (Eloqua's unique contact identifier), so I don't overwrite the data on a contact record before I have a chance to audit it.


Having a Gmail email address makes this easy! You can insert a period anywhere in your Gmail address before the @ symbol to create a unique Eloqua contact, and the best part is that this email address will still work for auto-responders and other emails your testing may trigger. Therefore, you only have to check one email account for triggered emails. Yay!


For example:

If your base Gmail address is betsytestemail@gmail.com, you can use periods to create multiple contacts in Eloqua using variations like


UPDATE - additional tip from Rebecca Baker:
You can also add a + sign followed by a number directly before the @ in your base email address (e.g. betsy.test.email+1@gmail.com, betsy.test.email+2@gmail.com, etc.). The email address is functional for triggered emails using this method, too.  Thanks for this additional tip, Rebecca!


As I test, I just make notes for which email variation I used for different submission scenarios, so I can confirm if the desired actions and processes occurred as planned.


This is an awesome time saver for testing and auditing forms, as well as campaigns and programs. Enjoy!