When salespeople chat with potential clients on the shopfloor or sales meetings they usually make notes either mentally or to a notepad. The information often stays silent between the ears of the salesperson or stay hidden inside the covers of the notepad. As most salespeople hate feeding stuff into CRM there should be a more friendly way to enrich data.


A solutions to this might be to create a custom form that a salesperson could fill out during the conversation using a pad or a smartphone. The form could be formulated to use predetermined picklists to enter the solutions, products and services the potential customer has or needs. The form could also include a budget, timeframe and other company data. Upon completion the form data would be saved to a custom object and fed to CRM. Some of the data could be updated into contact fields and then used to create a BANT score. The BANT score could then be included in the lead scoring. The data would also trigger campaigns depending on what the salesperson entered into the form. The client could be sent document packages or even quotes straight away.


Any thoughts on this? Has anyone ever implemented something like this? How could we gate the form page so that only authorized people could be able to enter the form page? What else could the system be used for? Any problems this kind of system might create?