Shared Items on Eloqua:

  1. Shared Content
  2. Shared Lists
  3. Shared Filters

   4.  Dynamic Content (can be shared)


  1.    Shared Content

Shared content is reusable content snippets that you can create once, then reuse in different emails and landing pages.  It allows you to ‘build once, re-use everywhere’ for your most common pieces of content. 


Example: Biography on a company person that speaks often at events or on webinars.

Example: “About” company information; ABC company is a global leader of …..

Example: Common product ‘blurbs’. 


Check this post for more info:

2.    Shared Lists

Shared lists are a group of contacts with something in common (like a tradeshow list) and sharing the list allows others in your company using Eloqua the ability to add to this list or email to this list.


Example:  NA-TRADE-ABCshow-Nov2012 is a Shared Lists.  I uploaded the contacts I got from the recent tradeshow into a shared list so the marketing communication manager can send the follow up email to this list of contacts.


Check this post for more Info:


3.       Shared Filters

Filters that are created using profile (like industry) and/or engagement (activity filter like everyone that opened this email in the last 60 days) that are shared so the whole marketing team and use them. 


Check this post for more info:


4.       Dynamic Content (which can be shared!)

Dynamic content allows different email or landing page content to be substituted depending on rules and associated criteria. 


Example: Show a different list of training sessions based on region or city.

Check this document for more info: