As part of the "Eloqua on Eloqua" series, I'm happy to write about how we use Eloqua to run our New Hire Onboarding.


Whenever a new employee joins Eloqua, they experience a timed nurturing campaign that pushes important information to them when they need it. You may be wondering how to build something similar in your organization... well wonder no more, because here's how we did it!

  • We started with defining the process: What happens when a new employee joins? In our case, the hiring manager fills out a form on our intranet and that form submission kicks off a workflow to departments like IT, HR, etc.. We first thought about integrating this form into Eloqua, but then realized the new employee wouldn't have their email address just yet.
    • Once IT has created the new hire's Eloqua email, our HR department goes to a landing page with a form, hosted internally. That landing page is actually an Eloqua landing page, with the form integrated into an internal Eloqua install that we use for non-Marketing purposes. HR fills in the new hire's name, Eloqua email address, start date and department information.

New Hire - Form.jpg

  • We then designed the HR campaign: What information does every new hire need at each stage of their onboarding? Each piece of information was made into an email, or like information was grouped into one email. We then planned out the timing: Employee Handbook should get sent on Day 1, product videos on Day 10, etc.. Each link in the email went to content on our internal website portal - tracked for click-throughs of course!
    • I'm responsible for the onboarding of new sales people, so I created a parallel nurturing campaign specific to their needs and typical questions.

New Hire - Campaign.jpg

  • The form could be submitted at any time by HR before the new hire starts; but we wanted the first email to get sent the day the new hire arrived at Eloqua. We set up a segment that found folks who were starting within the next day and pulled them into the campaign. That segment also looked at new hires who were in Sales and pulled them into the parallel Sales campaign as well. Which means that a new Sales Rep receives messages from HR as well as messages from me about how to sell Eloqua

New Hire- Onboarding Segment.jpg

  • Once everything was built in the Landing Page editor, Segment editor and Campaign Canvas, we activated the campaign and the rest is history!

Feel free to steal any of the above for your own use. I also encourage you to attend an upcoming Road to Revenue Tour near you, where we'll be presenting this and more "non-marketing" use cases of using Eloqua.


... and I'd love to answer any questions about this or hear about any other nifty ways out there that you have developed to onboard your new employees!