Everyone seems to be talking about “engagement” these days.  As marketers we need to create engaging content to make sure our prospects and customers remain engaged.  We are constantly figuring out ways to re-engage dormant leads.  Marketers that understand how to do this and simultaneously create programs that drive closed-won opportunities for the sales pipeline are the ones with the winning formula.  That’s because their programs embrace engagement as an interactive conversation with a strong emphasis on the follow-up experience.  They ask themselves, what do I do once I have the visitors and what will my response engagement look like?


A lot of B2C companies embrace this and are able to excel in this arena.  They know that every additional second you spend on their site makes you more likely to purchase. To keep your attention and keep you engaged, they begin outlining pieces of content, related products, and open new pathways for you as soon as you arrive. B2C companies have a clear idea of where your intent lies (i.e. if you’re looking at a shirt they can show you color, print, size or related styles).


I’ve noticed that a lot of B2B companies struggle with this and have over complicated websites that end up as content repositories for products and features.   Little thought is given to the overall experience and this is where the opportunity to engage prospects falls flats.  The person who arrived at your website has some intent, they clicked on a link and have some preconceived idea of what you’ll provide them.  And you’re goal is get them to keep saying yes by taking the next step, whether that’s reading the next line of text or picking up the phone to schedule a demo.   Don’t lose the momentum you've built!

What are your thoughts and how have you improved your website to make it a better user experience?