As many of us already know gaea.connary post Clean House: 5 Tips for Bringing Order to Your Assets is awesome!  And personally, as a client, I used it religiously, but I know we have all made slight modifications over time to it for our own use cases and thought we could all share the different ways we have modified it along with what worked versus what didn't work when we were either using it or trying to implement a naming convention internally, so we can all learn from each other.

First my modifications - mainly I liked having the select list line up with the designated columns and since I was an E10 user I removed the E9 columns so attached is one that I thought would be beneficial for other E10 users.

Second what worked and what didn't work for me:

I had a number of repeatable projects from weekly & monthly webinars to bi-monthly white papers.  And because we had so many of these happening on a regular basis I wanted to make life as easy as possible for my team, specifically my graphic designer and copywriter, to adopt my naming convention.  So instead of them having to sift through the various rows and select lists that really didn't mean anything to them I set up separate tabs that were just for them.  The tab only included the one or two rows they needed to focus on and I prefilled as many cells as possible, i.e. for the graphic designer it was the image & file rows and for the webinar graphics the type was pre-selected for WB while the whitepapers were pre-selected with WP along with a few other additional pre-filled cells depending on the business unit.  Helped to make life easier for them and made things less of a headache for me since I knew they were following the naming convention.


But based on our experience I would then recommend when you or your team scope out the projects you decide on the naming convention for the open text fields and from that point on any internal communication regarding the projects should used those naming conventions just so everyone gets used to using those names and it helps reduce the confusion or at least it quickly helps you realize if your naming convention works i.e. if it's too generic is it creating confusion.

I'd love to hear from others about what modifications they have made or what lessons they have learned from implementing a naming convention that the rest of us can learn from to either use or avoid


Hope this is helpful!