Don't Overlook or Downplay your Calls-to-Action


Your organization’s homepage is one of the most important marketing tools of your business. If you are reading this, I suspect that lead generation is an important part of your business as well. If so, Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are critical.


A homepage should do more than just offer basic information. It should compel a visitor to do something like oh I don’t know… take action! The last thing you want is to have every potential prospect abandon your page.


If your homepage is too complicated you won’t engage the visitor effectively.   If your CTAs are hidden or you have none, you’re missing a valuable opportunity to engage with them and build your database organically.


Your job as a marketer is to lead them to the information they need and what they are trying to find.


When designing or redesigning your homepage define your goals as an organization and as a marketer.  What is the purpose of your organization, what do you want them to do once they land on your homepage, and what should your homepage say about you?


What is your goal for visitors?


  •     Buy a product or service?
  •     Downloading a white paper or case study?
  •     Sign up for a newsletter?
  •     Attend webinars or events?
  •     Connect with the organization through social media outlets (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, RSS Feeds, etc.)?


Think of the possibilities and define your goals.  At the end of the day you want to turn your visitors into prospects and nurture them through the funnel.


Consider these best practices for your Calls-to-Action:

  •     They should pop off the page and contrast with the rest of the page.
  •     Placement above the fold. You have gone through the work of setting up your Call To Action so why bury it?
  •     Limit the click-throughs.  Get them to your form as soon as possible without bypassing important information.

Example: Suppose you have included your webinar “bling” on the homepage. The visitor clicks on the image and you drop them on a page with a list of webinars. They click again on the webinar of interest. You then direct them to a landing page with a description of the webinar and link them to “register now” page.  At this point, you have irritated your visitor. This is when abandonment rates soar.  Remember in click-throughs, “Less is More.”

  • As a general rule for your homepage design include whitespace. You want to keep your visitor focused. Keep in mind that most visitors won’t remember anything after 5 seconds. It may seem harsh, but it’s true.