We've mentioned this a few times now and demoed it extensively at Dreamforce recently, as a key integration point between Eloqua and the Salesforce.com marketing cloud.  For those of you who use Radian6 to engage with social audiences, you may have been frustrated by the fact the you often see great marketing assets - comments, posts, tweets that showcase your brand, products, and solutions in a great light - go to waste because they slip by and are lost by the next day.


Now, you can "curate" those great assets and use them in your marketing - to highlight not just what *you* say about your products, but what the world is saying about them.


Here's how it works:


To start with, use the Radian6 engagement console as you normally would, and when you find great posts, tag them - the product mentioned, the aspect of that product that's relevant (ie security, scale, training, etc), and the sentiment:



This creates a library of great social assets you can then use.  Go to setup and enable the Radian6 Buzz Widget, then when you are building a landing page talking about a certain product and highlighting aspects of it, drag in a Radian6 Buzz Widget from the Cloud Component library:




This drops it onto your page where you can resize it appropriately:



Click to configure, and give your Radian6 credentials:




Then, select the "tags" that you used to curate the great content that you found - certain product types, certain aspects, positive sentiments, etc:




And voila, on your landing page you now have curated social content telling a more powerful message than just your words alone:




Let us know your thoughts and feedback on the app, and any suggestions you might have.