Important: This Cloud Connector/Component will be decommissioned  after March 31st 2017. Please review the App Replacement Cheatsheet for instructions


Each connector executes as an action on the Campaign Canvas. Once a contact hits that step, the Connector grabs the contact and processes it based on logic defined in the Connector. When complete, the Connector sets the status of the contact in the Campaign, such that the contact continues along its path. To use the Box Data Lookup App from a Campaign, do the following :


Drag "Send to Cloud Connector" from the left toolbar onto the canvas :



Double-click on the "Send to Cloud Connector" step to show the search window. Search for an select "Box Data Lookup".


From here, click on the Edit button to setup the app. A window will open, prompting you to login to the Cloud Connectors site.

Login or register an account if you have not yet done so.



You will see the following screen.

Fill in your Eloqua Credentials to continue.

Note that the "Program Builder Step ID" should be prepopulated - do not change this value.


After clicking "Go" in you should be presented with the following configuration screen:



In order to access your Box files, you'll need to grant the Connector access to your account. To do this, click "Authorize Account".

The following screen will pop up :




Enter you credentials and click "Log In". Once successful, a window will display saying "Thank you. Close this window to continue".  Close the window, you've now granted access to your files!

Next, click "Select File" to see an explorer view of your box files.



Click a folder to load its contents or click on a file to select it.

Next, select "Edit Lookups" to define the lookup details. The following page will open :


The lookups follow a very simple pattern. If the top conditions are matched, then the actions below will be performed.


Testing the Connector:


The Box Data Lookup App can be tested by navigating to the "Test" area through the left navigation, under the "Run Manually" tab.


Enabling the Connector:


The Box Data Lookup app can be enabled by navigating to the "Credentials" tab on the left navigation and clicking enable.



After enabling the date connector it should start running periodically to update your contacts accordingly.


We hope that you find this helpful.