This post is the spin-off of a question asked here on Topliners. A request for a "hands-on" solution prompted me to create this for anyone interested in a possible solution to this question. The original question is posted at


There are many factors to consider when attempting to build this type of solution. The first, as is the case in the original question, is to revisit your lead scoring model. Are you passing the right leads to sales, and if so, why are they being rejected? When a tweak to your model isn't appropriate, you may consider a solution similar to what you will see below. This solution will apply a date stamp to a new "Lead Created Date" contact field, which we will check each time the contact flows to the "Create Lead" step in your CRM update program.


  1. Create a new contact field in Eloqua named "Lead Created Date".
  2. Create a new update rule to apply a date stamp to this newly created field.
  3. Update your CRM program to include a new decision rule which will evaluate if this lead passed through the "Create Lead" step within the past X days. In this example, I've set this value to 30 days.


Here is a sample program flow. I will break out the two main steps to show the configuration used.



  1. Decision Rule - Lead created within last 30 days? - In this step we're comparing the new contact field, Lead Created Date, to today's date. We want to know if this lead was previously created, and if so, was it within the past 30 days? If it was, then it means Sales has likely rejected this lead, thus allowing the contact to enter this step in our program. At this point, if the contact was created within the last 30 days, we're going to remove that contact from our program, or send them to another path, such as to a nurture track, if appropriate. If the lead was last created more than 30 days ago, we're going to go ahead and pass that lead back to sales in hopes that it will be accepted.


  2. Apply Lead Created Date Stamp - This step will apply a date stamp, with today's date, to the Lead Created Date field after the lead has been passed to CRM. This will later be used in the Decision Rule above, should the lead be rejected and the contact re-enters this step in the program.

    And here is what the actual Update Rule settings look like:


    As I mentioned, there are many factors to consider before implementing a solution such as this. I expect that there will be a lot of discussion about this, and I will do my best to answer any questions which may come up. I hope this will help to spark some creative thinking!