This post will hopefully help you as you try and put the pieces of Eloqua together to create a simple campaign that will send an email and direct them to an Eloqua hosted landing page and form. It also assumes that you would want the form submission to be passed on to your CRM.



  • You've taken E10 fundamentals and the Landing pages course. This is not a training post.
  • You have your CRM integration all setup
  • You already created your Campaign Assets and tested them: Segment, Email, Landing Page, Form


Steps to Configure Your Campaign


  1. Create the Campaign in the Canvas. Drop the basic pieces on to the Campaign. It might look something like this (you can make it more complex based on your needs):
    10-17-2012 6-38-24 PM.png
    We added the Form and Landing Page on the Canvas to ensure that we are able to see the number of forms submitted (leads) and conversion rate as well as the email response metrics on the Campaign Analysis report.

  2. Configure the Campaign Steps. Add in the Segment, Email (ensure that there is a link to the landing page that you dropped on the Canvas), the form and the landing page (it's assumed you dropped the form on the Canvas onto the landing page). It will look something like this:
    10-17-2012 6-46-42 PM.png
  3. Configure the Form to Pass Data to the CRM. Before you activate the Campaign in Eloqua, you're going to want to ensure that your having the form submits pass to the CRM as well as appending the record to a Campaign in your CRM.
    a. Add a hidden field that you can add the CRM Campaign ID to. You can either enter it as a static field per below (copy the ID from and paste it as an example) or you can capture the data from a query string as outlined here: How to Capture Referring Sources to Landing Pages and in Forms using Query Strings10-19-2012 5-58-42 PM.png
    b. Make sure that Campaign ID form field is being saved to the Contact record:
    10-19-2012 6-03-07 PM.png
    c. Add in a form processing step to push the form data to the Eloqua/CRM integration program. It should look like something like below
    10-19-2012 6-05-44 PM.png

  4. Check your reports. I recommend the Campaign Analysis Report as it's a rolled up report of the emails and form conversions.
    10-19-2012 6-11-43 PM.png


That's it. If you're using Eloqua's Closed Loop Reporting Module, step 4 would change as Campaigns in the CRM would be completed automatically. Another reason to get that setup!


Any other tips you recommend?