What's your strongest prospecting channel within your marketing mix? If you said Sales, you are one of many modern marketers within the B2B industry that benefit from a sales sourced model. In fact, Sirius Decision's "benchmark data shows that even best-in-class marketing organizations source only 30 to 40 percent of overall sales pipeline, a number that drops significantly in account-based or heavy cross-sell/upsell environments. Smart marketers don’t fight this fact – they join with sales to help reps more efficiently and effectively create demand of their own."

As a modern marketer, you should embrace your sales led demand creation as a critical channel within your marketing channel mix that will help you generate and accelerate pipeline. In addition, you should make sure you have established a great working relationship with marketing and sales operations to help your manage your CRM.


As a Marketer: 

  • Discuss and assign the correct roles within your marketing organization and marketing operations team to facilitate a sales-led demand creation
  • Sign up for increased responsibility in contributing and accelerating pipeline


If you agree that your role is to facilitate sales-led creation, you should work with sales to create specific lead scoring models and nurture programs to increase the effectiveness of the sales-led demand creation.


"How does your lead scoring model(s) improve information,communication and effectiveness within my sales organization?"  "What's my Go-To Market Strategy and Sales Coverage model?" "Should I use a individual or account based lead scoring model?"



B to B percentage break-out is from Source: Sirius Decisions Summit 2013, “Sales Qualification Phase: The Pursuit of the Collaborative Sales Generated Demand”, presented by Meghan Heuer.


"What type of Nurture programs should you make available to Sales?"

    • Does sales need marketing to add NET-NEW prospects to a Welcome program?
    • Does sales need marketing to add HOT prospects, associated with a set of top targeted logos, to a specific Welcome/Accelerate Nurture program?
    • Does sales need marketing to add NET-NEW prospects within existing client accounts to Welcome/Cross Sell/Up Sell Nurture program?
    • Does sales need marketing to add rejected sales Leads to a Welcome/Re-Engagement Nurture program?
    • Does sales need marketing to add the Sales Accepted Leads (SALs) promoted to Opportunities to a Welcome/Accelerate (Blended) Nurture program?



In addition, you should work establish the organizational framework to educate, train and monitor sales effectiveness.

Organizational Tactics

    • Establish a means to educate and train sales to capture net-new prospects and sales accepted leads within the CRM.
    • Establish sales executives as users or update profiles, set-up personalization rules and signature layouts for sales within Eloqua.
    • Establish best practice and policy to establish CRM as a feeder.
    • Establish notification and alerts for sales executives fueling your sales sourced model within Eloqua Insight.
    • Introduce the net-new prospect into an New Customer Acquisition campaign to and through a Welcome program and subsequent Nurture program. You may want to personalize the first email within the Welcome program using sales specific information.
    • Assess the appropriate follow-up Nurture program pathway for prospects and/or leads.
    • Establish preference profiles for the net-new prospects. The preference options available to net-new prospects should mirror those detailed within your subscription center.


Best Practice

As a Modern Marketer, it's critical for you to provide a consistent means for sales to add prospects into your Sales and Marketing Funnel. You must quickly assess the prospect against your customer ideal profile(s). You will use those Ideal Customer Profile(s) along with Engagement criteria to assess the stage the prospect is within their customer journey.  Review Lenovo's successful efforts to define their persona(s), ideal customer profiles and stages of each specific customer journey (The specified item was not found.

Adding prospects from Sales into the the proper Welcome/Nurture program will help your keep your brand top of mind with your prospects. Furthermore, prospects and/or leads will be more educated, engaged and responsive to any future communications from your company. As a result, you should see a lower percentage of inactive contacts within your database, stalled opportunities within your pipeline and an increase in won closed business (WCB).

Tip: As a part of your Welcome program, you should make sure to give the net-new prospects a way to review and select their preferred set of communications (i.e. categories, products, solutions and/or services). Establishing the proper preference profile for each net-new prospect through your Subscription Management page is a critical component to creating an effective contact and lead management.

Finally, you may also need to help sales to maintain and manage an accurate database of prospects and leads within the CRM through appropriate policy and governance.


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