Segmentation is important because relevancy counts.  People want to get content that is relevant to what they are interested in.   When you define your target audience you should filter on everything you have available to find the contacts that are interested in a particular topic. 


Six Segmentation Ideas:

  1. By Lead Source – Example:  Segment by tradeshow, online ad or webinar attendees
  2. By Behavior – Example: activity on your website, click-throughs on emails, responses to particular offers, event attendance
  3. By Lead Stage – Where are they in the buyer’s journey – in the beginning as a net-new contact in your database, or someone that is already talking with sales
  4. By Contact Type – By customer versus prospect versus partner
  5. By Demographics – By region, job function or industry
  6. By Past Purchase History – great opportunity to cross sell.  If they have product X, then we should inform them about product Y that compliments it.


Segment on any of these and/or combine criteria. Provide your contacts with only assets that fit their interest.  Segmentation is easy to do and yet so powerful.  The more relevant the message, the higher the open and click through rates and ultimately, the results will be campaigns with higher conversion rates. Use segmentation to your advantage!