Last week I had the opportunity to attend the FutureM conference in Boston as well as the Inbound Marketing Summit.  Wow—it was full of killer content and ideas and the energy in the room was palpable!  As a fellow marketer, you understand the importance of innovation and implementing cutting-edge practices into your campaigns, so I’d like to share some of the key takeaways with you.

Optimize for the human experience.  Think Mobile first, desktop second!  Already 68% of web traffic comes through a mobile device and yet most sites and content are designed for a PC experience.  Another benefit is that designing for a tablet or mobile device makes you really think about what matters to the user and what their experience should be.

  • Clean designs and user experiences win in search rankings.
  • Social proof is imperative for content ranking and building trust and credibility—authors need to build authority and have a relevant community behind them.
  • If you're not using Google+ then you’re missing the easiest way to get your content indexed by Google.


Attention is the new currency. In an over saturated marketplace, if you can successfully garner someone’s attention and turn it into intention then you’ve reached a level of success.  This happens by having people do a little to get a lot in return (think Foursquare).

  • Link your audience to better and more engaging content based on their behavior (i.e. if they are active on your website or in your email campaigns then push them to that juicy content you can’t wait to show off)!
  • Rich media, like videos, in the right places really pays off.  A “TV Style” webinar or webcast yields longer viewing times and more clicks then a boring power point presentation.  What about chopping it up into meaty 5 minute segments and including in an email nurture campaign?  And don’t forget to monitor your content and social media circles to see what is being digested and shared the most frequently.


Most importantly—tell a bigger story.  It’s not about what you sell but it’s about how you help make people’s lives better.  It’s your company’s mission statement, soul, value proposition, reason for being . . . and all of these things need to be conveyed in your emails, be felt on your website and emboldened through  your social circles.  Without this you’re just another company trying to sell someone something that they really don’t want or need.


Please let me know how you plan on implementing these into your Eloqua Marketing Campaigns!  If you’re already doing some (or all) of these things, what kind of successes have you had?