This article covers how to install and configure the ReadyTalk Connectors so you can automatically capture webinar registration, attendance, and interactivity data in Eloqua. Because ReadyTalk is continually working with Couch & Associates to enhance our integration with Eloqua, this post covers the basics you need to get started. You can find the latest version of our comprehensive Getting Started Guide on our AppCloud listing.


Overview of the ReadyTalk Connectors

ReadyTalk currently provides three Connectors:

  1. ReadyTalk Registration Connector - Use this Connector when you want to collect webinar registrations through Eloqua and get a unique “Join Meeting” link for each registrant.
  2. ReadyTalk Post-Event Connector - Use this Connector to automatically capture webinar attendance and interactivity data in Eloqua for existing Eloqua Contacts.
  3. ReadyTalk Contact Feeder – Use this Feeder to create new Eloqua Contacts for attendees with an email address that does not match an existing Eloqua Contact record.


The first two are Cloud Connectors, which are used within Eloqua Campaigns, and the last is a standalone Cloud Feeder, which automatically creates new Contact records in Eloqua.


Step 1: Sign-Up for Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk

To get started with the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk, go to the ReadyTalk AppCloud listing  and click the green “Get App” button:



This will take you to the Couch & Associates sign-up page for the ReadyTalk Connectors:



Fill in the required information to request access to the ReadyTalk Connectors. You will need your Eloqua Instance Name, Eloqua User Name, and Eloqua User Password. An account creation email with a temporary password will be sent. Follow the instructions to log-in to the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk administration site:



This is the full web portal for administration of all of your Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk, which provides access to full reporting capabilities for each connector as well as the ability to test and set notifications for the connectors.


Step 2: Configure the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk

In order to use the ReadyTalk Connectors, you must make some configuration changes in your Eloqua instance. Note: you will need to have appropriate administration permissions in Eloqua for this step.


At the top of the Eloqua screen, click on Setup, then click Cloud Connector under the Database section. Add the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk using the following values:


ReadyTalk Registration Connector


ReadyTalk Post-Event Connector


Note:You do not need to add the ReadyTalk Contact Feeder into your Eloqua instance. This Connector can be created and configured using the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk administration portal. It will automatically run in the background to pull in new Eloqua Contacts.


Step 3: Use the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for Eloqua

In this section, we will detail how to set-up the ReadyTalk Registration Cloud Connector. Instructions for setting up the other ReadyTalk Connectors can be found in the full Getting Started Guide, which is available from our AppCloud listing.


ReadyTalk Registration Cloud Connector

When a prospect completes the Eloqua registration form, this Connector passes their First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and additional optional fields to ReadyTalk to register them for the event. ReadyTalk passes back meeting details and a unique “Join Meeting” link for that registrant.


Within the Eloqua Campaign, drag the “Send to Cloud Connector” action onto the Campaign. Double click on the step and from the drop down select the ReadyTalk Registration Connector and click the Configure button. You will be prompted for your username and passcode that you set up for the Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk administration portal.



First, you must connect Eloqua to ReadyTalk using the log-in credentials for the ReadyTalk account under which the webinar is scheduled:

  • Enter your ReadyTalk on-demand toll-free number (for most, this is 8667401260)
  • Enter your ReadyTalk Access Code
  • Enter your ReadyTalk Password


Once you enter these credentials and clicked Save Credentials, then select Advanced Setup from the drop down field in the upper left-hand corner.


In the Required Input tab, map the Eloqua fields that will be used for Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.


The ReadyTalk Meeting drop-down list will be populated with upcoming events scheduled on this ReadyTalk account. Select the webinar you wish to map for this campaign from the drop-down list.


You must specify which system you wish to use to send confirmation emails in the Confirmation Email Sent By field:

  • If you would like to send confirmation emails from Eloqua, select “Eloqua”
  • If you would like to send confirmation emails from ReadyTalk, select “ReadyTalk”


Click Save Inputs and then select the Optional Input tab. Configure any of the optional input fields to use Eloqua data.


When complete select the Required Output tab.


Configure which Eloqua fields will be used to store the returned Meeting ID and Registration ID. The selections must either both be Contact fields or fields from the same Data Card.


Click Save Outputs and then select the Optional Output tab.


Configure which Eloqua fields will be used to store the meeting details that are returned from the registration, including the unique “Join Meeting” link and ICS file for each registrant. If you selected Data Card fields to store the Meeting ID and Registration ID, that Data Card’s fields will be available in this screen. You can always select Contact fields.



These fields can be used to populate Eloqua email templates with meeting information passed in from ReadyTalk.


When complete click on the stoplight image in the upper right-hand corner and select Enable Connector to activate the connector. The connector will begin processing registrations when the Eloqua Campaign is activated.


More Information

For detailed instructions on how to set-up the other ReadyTalk Connectors as well as best practices and tips for making the most of your webinar program, download the complete Getting Started Guide from the ReadyTalk AppCloud listing.

To learn more about ReadyTalk and our integration with Eloqua, contact