This post outlines the campaign that I went over during the "Driving Social Demand with Eloqua's Social Suite" session at Eloqua Experience 2012 in Orlando!



Description of Campaign:

The campaign encourages people to give you their twitter handle AND follow you on twitter. The specific example I gave was to offer a chance to win a $5 gift card to Starbucks everyday. The campaign uses Social Suite apps to capture the entry into the contest (via Twitter Social sign On), ensure that the record is following your Twitter account. It automates following them back. It gets the contacts social ranking (via Klout, but it could just as easily be Radian6). People with a high Klout score are direct messaged to ask if they enjoyed the content.


NOTE - Much of this campaign is applicable to ALL users of Eloqua, however the apps used on the landing page are only available in E10.


Purpose of this Article:

This article will describe how to set up this campaign, and where possible link to other existing articles on Topliners.



Here is a screen grab of the campaign:

EE2012 - Campaign Flow.png


Here is a screen grab of the landing page:

landing page sample.png


Apps used in this campaign:

Twitter Social Sign On Component - Social Sign On - Installation Guide

Slideshare Component - Installing and Using the SlideShare Cloud App

Twitter List Component - Installing and using Social Suite: Twitter


Twitter "Is Connected" Connector - Installing and using Social Suite: Twitter

Twitter "Follow" Connector - Installing and using Social Suite: Twitter

Klout Score Connector - Setting up the Klout Cloud Connector

Tweet Sender Connector - Tweet Sender - App Configuration Guide



Components of the AppCloud

For an explanation of the difference between a "Connector" and a "Component", please see this article:

Components of the AppCloud


How to enable Components

Components first need to be enabled in your install. You must be a customer administrator in order to enable a component.

For more information on how to do that, see this article:

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How to Install Connectors

Connectors can be used in either Canvas (in E10) or Program Builder (both E9 and E10). All the apps described in this article can be found on, and installation instructions are there. For more information about installing connectors, please see this article:

Cloud Connector Installation, Step by Step