The following set of steps should help you set-up your campaign canvas, establish your registration connector and integrate your registration connector, as a part of your Before the Event - Automate your Webinar Registration process.This is the first post of a three part series detailing before the event, event and post event activities you should take to automate your next webinar.

I will refer to the ReadyTalk Cloud Connector through-out this series to deliver you the level of detail that you will need as you take the initial steps to automate your webinars. I will outline these steps at a high level. I will refer to the ReadyTalk Cloud Connector through-out this three part series of posts. I recommend you review and refer back to the Topliner Do It: Installation Guide for ReadyTalk.

You may need to use Eloqua's product support organization to help you work through any product specific questions and/ or issues (i.e. Data Cards). Please note, the Eloqua’s AppCloud offers you various Webinar Cloud Connectors (i.e. Adobe Connect, Go To Meeting etc.). The installation and features of each Webinar Cloud Connector is a bit different. Check this post OUT! AppCloud - Differences between Events Providers

Let’s Begin!

Here’s the customer scenario. “The sales team has asked you to help them create additional leads given a recent release of a new solution. The solution is specific to those existing clients within a particular industry. You use industry and role as filter criteria to for establishing your segments within Eloqua. The sales team is assigned to certain territories.”


STEP ONE: Eloqua's Campaign Canvas

  • Launch the Eloqua's BP Basic Event Template
  • Create and Use Assets: Webinar Registration
    • Emails:
      • Invitation
      • Still-time invitation reminder for non-registrants
      • Registration confirmation
      • Day-before event reminder for registrants
    • Form
      • Event Registration
    • Web pages:
      • Landing page with the registration form
      • Confirmation page following the registration
    • Shared Lists:
      • Capture event registrants from Form submission
      • Capture event attendees from Cloud Connector
  • Add CloudConnectors to Campaign canvas:
      • ReadyTalk Registration Cloud Connector
      • ReadyTalk Post-Event Cloud Connector
  • Add Feeders to Campaign canvas:
      • ReadyTalk Contact Feeder


STEP TWO: Schedule Your Webinar
Go to the ReadyTalk platform to schedule your webinar

STEP THREE: Create Your Webinar Data Card

Create an Eloqua data card to house webinar-related data returned by ReadyTalk. At a minimum, you will need fields for the unique “join meeting” URL and the unique ICS file as well as attendance status. You may also want to create fields to capture additional attendance statistics, polling questions and responses, and post-event survey questions and responses.


STEP FOUR: Add Cloud Connector to Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas

The ReadyTalk Registration Cloud Connector sends the Registrant to ReadyTalk and returns back meeting details as well as a unique "join meeting" URL and an ICS file that contains this unique URL.


Add the ReadyTalk Registration Cloud Connector into your Campaign Canvas following the Wait Period following the Shared Filter sending those contacts that have registered to attend.


STEP FIVE: Configure the Registration Cloud Connector

Enter your ReadyTalk account credentials and select the meeting you scheduled in Step Two from the drop-down list. Select the Eloqua registration form fields to send to ReadyTalk and map the data returned by ReadyTalk (including the unique “join meeting” URL and the unique ICS file) to fields on the Eloqua data card.

STEP SIX: Leverage Your Participation Data

Personalize and send your Confirmation and Reminders emails from Eloqua. Be sure to add all of the information registrants need to join your event, including the meeting date and time, the audio joining information, and the unique "Join Meeting" URL and its associated ICS file.* This will allow you to maintain the campaign flow, follow-up and reporting all through Eloqua.

* Note: The meeting details plus the unique join meeting URL and the ICS file with a unique join meeting URL for each registrant are captured on the Eloqua data card.

Lead Scoring

You should consider establishing Event Participation Scoring Criteria prior to your event. For example, you may want to increment a prospect’s lead score if they register for the webinar or based on how someone responded to a specific question on the registration form.

Step Back: Gain Back Your Hours: Automated Webinar Campaign Planning Tool

I wanted to thank Anita Wehnert, Director of Product Marketing for ReadyTalk. I found her demo presented at the Road to Revenue in Dallas to be very comprehensive and powerful. She has contributed the supporting product specific information.

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