As I struggled with this functionality and finally got it working, I thought I might create how-to instructions since all the info is scattered around Topliners, and it took a while to piece all the instructions together.


So if somebody else is wondering know how to create a QR-code to track event attendaces, here’s a short step-by-step manual. Pleas feel free to ask for clarifications.

This function will do the following:
After a person fills out an event registration form he will be directed to a Thank You -landing page with a QR-code and instructions to print the page and bring it to the event. When the person shows the printed QR-code page in the event the code will be scanned by the event personnel with a smartphone. The scan will launch form processing steps and campaigns. The further actions might include adding the contact to a shared list, sending notifications to event personell, sending an email message to the contact or adding the contact to campaigns or programs.

Before you attempt this you will need to know how to:

  • create an Eloqua form and processing steps
  • create a landing page
  • add a cloud component and modify the settings.
  • You might also need to know how to create field merges components, depending on your form fields.

You will need to have/create the following elements:

  • An Event Registration landing page and form.
  • Registration Thank You page with a QR-code properly configured cloud component
  • A form to process the QR-code submit.

This is how you do it:

  1. Create the event registration form and landing page. The form should create an Eloqua contact and direct to a Thank You landing page that holds the QR-code cloud component. This form won’t require any special fields or steps. It only creates the contact where the QR-code component will draw it’s data and does what a event registration form does.
  2. Create a QR Code processing form. This form will be the one that automatically and invisbly submits when the Registration Thank You page QR code is scanned with a mobile device. Add appropriate contact information form fields to the form. I used basic contact information fields and LinkedIn data. Make sure that each field pre-populates or the data will not be processed. For this, you might need to create field merge items in the component library to make pre-population work for all the fields.
  3. Create appropriate processing form steps for QR-code to perform after the code gets scanned and the blind form is processed. These might include email to the contact, a notification for the project manager, add to Event Attendees shared list or add to post event campaign.
  4. Add QR-Code Cloud Component to the event registration Thank You -page. In the Cloud Component setup, choose the QR-Code submit form that you created in step 2 and map contact info fields to the form fields.


Choose the blind form created in step 2.


Map the contact data stored in Eloqua to the form field. Make sure the form fields prepopulate.



That’s it. You are set.


There are a few extra things you might have to consider though.You need to make sure that if people scan the form before the event, they won’t get processed and will get a notification of this. You also need to create safeguards for double check-ins. These issues are addressed in this post Using QR codes for to confirm event attendance. For the coders Mike Griebenow also describes how you could include the code in an email. I'm also trying to figure out how to automatically direct the phone application to scan mode after the submit. This would enable us to mount the smartphone to the reception desk and have people scan themselves in. I'll update on this when we have an opportunity to test this.


If you have done this before and want to share your experiences, problems or find something missing or wrong in this post, please comment. I would also like to hear your ideas on how to use QR-codes.