Time for another round-up of what's hot on the Eloqua AppCloud

Few interesting highlights:

  • Over 900 Eloqua clients are integrating apps from the Eloqua AppCloud directly into their marketing programs in Eloqua
  • Eloqua users are making their landing pages more social!  We're seeing a big spike in the addition of embedded YouTube Videos, LinkedIn/GooglePlus Share buttons and the use of Social SignOn such as LinkedIn  
  • The average number of apps used per instance has increased from 4.4 to 8.  Not only are marketers using the apps to increase their efficiency and enhance their understand of their buyers (such as data augmentation or full webcast integration/automation), they are layering in engaging elements to their landing pages.


What's your favourite app?   Any "must use" recommendations for your fellow Topliners community members? 



New to the Eloqua AppCloud?   Don't be afraid, come for a visit!


How to get started:  A lot of Eloqua clients "dip their toe in" by adding a YouTube video to your landing page*.  Within seconds, you've made your landing page more engaging and you didn't need to fiddle with the HTML to do it!     Another quick win is to bring in external "digital body language" such as who attended your webinar directly from your webinar platform - without the hassel/delay of manually exporting and importing the data.  Those follow-up emails to attendees can happen effortlessly!


How it works:  It's easy to add an app directly into your campaign flow or landing pages* within Eloqua.  In fact, you can add in tons based on what you're campaign objectives are.  From data appending, to sending off dynamic, direct mail pieces, to registering attendees - the sky is the limit with Eloqua's AppCloud.


Where to learn more:  Head to the cloud... http://appcloud.eloqua.com

*Eloqua10 landing pages only




Looking for detailed user guides for the apps found on the Eloqua AppCloud? Along with them being included on the app pages throughout the AppCloud site,  you may want to bookmark the Topliners AppCloud User Guide Site where we've grouped them all together for easy access!