A requirement we had from our business was to be able to create one global form that handles 80% to 90% of our form fills.  In our previous instance we utilize unique processing steps to route contacts into email groups/shared lists.  Now we pass the shared list ID from the landing page to our processing step. Here are quick instructions on how to find the ‘Shared List’ ID utilizing the Firebug tool with the Firefox browser.


1) Login to Eloqua - https://secure.eloqua.com/FormsLogin.aspx?ct=1

2) Navigate to Contacts/Shared Library and left click on the 'Shared Library' icon.


3) Double left click on the 'Shared List' icon on the left hand navigation


4) Open up the Firebug application and make sure that your 'console' tab within Firebug is active.


5) Left click on the desired 'Shared List' within the available options.  You will see a string appear within the Firebug application 'GET https:///.....' (See below).


6) Mouse over the last entry within the Firebug tool and locate the word /list/...

7) The number after /list/ and before ? is the ID for the shared list.

8) Sample link: https://secure.eloqua.com/API/REST/2.0/data/contact/view/100001/contacts/list/175?page=1&count=200&depth=complete&orderBy=name%20ASC&xsrfToken=b1e6b607-6058-428f-9883-e2dc1e2065e8&extensions=e10" style="font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif; line-height: 1.5em;" title="https://secure.eloqua.com/API/REST/2.0/data/contact/view/100001/contacts/list/175?page=1&count=200&depth=complete&orderBy=name%20ASC&xsrfToken=b1e6b607-6058-428f-9883-e2dc1e2065e8&extensions=e10">https://secure.eloqua.com/API/REST/2.0/data/contact/view/100001/contacts/list/175?page=1&count=200&depth=complete&orderBy=name%20ASC&xsrfToken=b1e6b607-6058-428f-9883-e2dc1e2065e8&extensions=e10


I hope this helps people finding shared list IDs within the E10 platform.  I saw another post on how to find this through the program builder but we do not allow our general users access to that tool.