I am loving Data Cards! Just finished creating a data card set that will store our various web activities which are happening on our website. Our website activity is synced with Salesforce in a custom object and now the data in that custom object is synced with data cards in Eloqua. This is going to allow our Marketing team to start building campaigns and automation around the activity on our website.


The down side right now is our Drupal to Salesforce sync is a manual process but we are partnering with a company which is going to help us turn this sync into an automated real time sync.


As we continue to grow and understand Eloqua (we are newbie’s just_ getting started) I am sure we will find better ways of doing these types of things, making better use of forms and landing pages but for now this Data Card sync is going to make a huge difference in how we do business and I think we will be taking more advantage of Data Cards moving forward.