To date many of you are probably used to accessing Eloqua by going to While this login site still works, you might notice that after logging out, it takes you to I thought I would take a minute and explain what is all about. is the culmination of a lot of back end work being done to our authentication services. For example, In the Winter 13' release we introduced POD support. To date you might have had to switch to a different URL to access Eloqua depending on what POD you are on, POD2 customers use is POD agnostic so you never need to worry which POD or data center your production vs sandbox is on, you can always access Eloqua from


For the more technical people out there, can act as a central place to authenticate users via OAuth 2, SAML 2 SSO and a central place to query user identity information.


I hope you enjoyed this tidbit of info, update your Eloqua login bookmark!