Eloqua has already created an IP Warming program template. It take only a few minutes to setup, but prior to working in program builder you need to do two steps:


1) Build the email that will be used for the IP Warming Campaignip

2) Create a Segment that you want to send the email to.


Go to: Setup > Program Builder > BP- IP Warming


It's recommended that rather than modifying the BP - IP Warming template, you create a copy.



Add Members to the very first step called "100. Add Contacts" > Choose Source: Contact Filter > Contact Filter > Search for the "Segment"  you created > Press OK





The next step in the process to add the email. Scroll down to the step "All: 999 Batch Send": press the small arrow > Edit Step Default Action > Send Batch Email > And then search and choose for the email you already created > hit save and close.



Those are the only two changes you need to make to the IP Warming Program Template.


The IP Warming program is setup to start on a Sunday. You could start the program sooner, by adding contacts to the "Y: Pre-Split Hold" step.

step 6.jpg

To activate the program select: Program > Enable Program > And then you should be able to choose Bulk or Priority mode