This post by Marilyn Cox Spotlight on Success: 5 Reasons I Love the Analyzer License inspired me to write this quick post which may be a common scenario for you. You may have a sales team that is clamoring for leads from a tradeshow or an ongoing campaign. How do you send these on via a daily scheduled report if these contacts are in a Shared List? This solution is thanks to Owen Manning:


You'll need to customize a report to do this. I started by creating a prompt for "Contact List" (aka Shared List in Insight-speak). I then customized the Contact List report and added this prompt as a filter. As long as the fields you want to report out are part of the OOTB (out of the box) fields on the report, the result should do the trick.


Of course to create a customized report, you will need the Eloqua Analyzer license for Insight. The other thing to keep in mind is that newly added contacts to the Shared Lists take about 20 or so minutes to be added to Insight reporting. Happy report creating!