Hello Topliners Community!


I am creating a few forms using conditional processing steps. The idea is very simple, I want to gather the time and date a lead submits his/her first form - "Original Form Submit Time."


I know I can do this several ways, from java script to update rules to conditional steps. For this particular form I am choosing to use a conditional step.


I created an "Update contact with custom data" step and applied a date stamp. I then made the step conditional when "Original Form Submit Time" is blank. With just that condition, this step continues to stamp the field with a new value every time.


The only way that I was able to make this work is by adding 2 conditions.

  • "Email Address" is equal to form field "Email Address"
  • "Original Form Submit Time" is equal to blank



I couldn't tell you why this is the case, is anyone else seeing this?