How-To: Persona-Based Marketing using Rich Media with Eloqua

Displaying personalized and relevant information to prospects is an essential part of capturing their attention, to accelerate your demand. The best way to do this is by designing campaigns that take into account prior prospect interaction history and their profile data from Eloqua. You can then apply a series of rules for serving targeted rich media content and ads, while delivering one-to-one relevance to each buyer or named account. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to setup persona-based marketing using Kwanzoo rich media with Eloqua:

In this example, we will build a persona-based marketing campaign with 3 polls (Developer Poll, Manager Poll, Default Poll). We will then set up rules so the right poll is shown to a prospect based on what we already know (a) about them in Eloqua, or (b) about their Company or Named Account.

*(Follow these links for detailed instructions on How to Build Rich Media Polls and How to Build In-Banner Lead Forms.) The polls enable you to progressively capture insights from prospects, as you nurture them across multiple marketing channels. The in-banner lead forms help you deliver specific content offers, while asking for the appropriate data at different stages of your demand funnel. And from what we have seen, they far out-perform re-directing prospects to longer landing page forms.)

Create New Campaign

  • Sign into your Kwanzoo account
  • Go to “Create New Campaign” and select the “Smart Poll” option


Name Your Campaign

  • Name your overall campaign and your first persona-based creative (ex: Developer Creative). Your campaign name should reflect the larger campaign (e.g. email, website, social, display) where you will place this poll.
  • Then continue to build the poll as you would normally (See How to Build Rich Media Polls for reference)


Create Different Persona-Based Polls for your Campaign

  • Once you've built and saved your first persona-based creative, return to the top and select “Copy” and then copy to “Current Campaign”
  • Rename your second persona-based campaign creative (ex: Manager Creative) and customize the poll copy, content, background image and offers for this specific persona.


Edit the Creative

  • Click on “Edit” and build out your poll as you would normally
  • Repeat these steps to create the various persona-based polls
  • Finally, make sure your default creative includes an in-banner lead form to capture information from new prospects



Setup Advanced Settings

  • Once all of your campaign creative has been completed and saved, proceed to Step 3 and click on “Advanced Settings”


Enable Rule Based Targeting

  • Select “Enable Rule Based Targeting” and then “Save”
  • Then select “Edit Targeting Rules”


Create New Rules

  • Click on “Create New Rule” and then select “Build Rule using Eloqua Contact Record Fields”



Specify Filters for Rules: Example 1

  • Name your rule (ex: Developer Persona)
  • Designate the criteria that will determine which creative gets shown to the user
    • Example 1: Show the “Developer Creative’ to all users who have a Job Title containing the words “Developer” or “Engineer”


Specify Filters for Rules: Example 2

    • Example 2: Show the “Manager Creative" to all users who have a Job Title containing the words “Manager”, “Director”, or “VP"


Account-Based targeting

  • For account-based targeting, select “Build Rules using Target Account Names”
  • Then indicate which accounts you’d like to target and which creative you wish to show those accounts
    • Example: Show the “Manager Creative” to any user from “”, “”, and “


Re-order Rules

  • Note: The rules are evaluated from the top-down. Simply re-order the rules with a drag-and-drop if you would like to change the order. All users who are unknown, or not covered by any of the rules, will be shown the “Default Creative” which includes a lead form to capture information.


Embed Polls

  • Return to Step 3 and select where you would like to feature your polls. Then copy and paste the code in the appropriate location.


All Done!

  • You are now ready to deliver personalized offers and start collecting valuable data and insights from your prospects, across all marketing channels!


If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your own persona-based marketing campaigns, contact us at 408-216-7025 or